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#1 little-caitlin on 2 years ago

Times and locations are subject to change based on AN decisions and availability.

Since it's been asked, Hiveswap, SBaHJ, and Problem Sleuth cosplays are not only welcome but ENCOURAGED! Anything involved with MSPA is welcome at this shoot (eg. Guy Feiri, Rufio, The Huss himself).

[B]([URL=""]Facebook Event[/URL])
([URL=""]Teahouse Mirror[/URL])[/B]



6pm (6:12)

6pm (6:12)

2pm (this is to provide for people who must leave early due to the drive home)


Each shoot will go through the basic groups (alphas, betas, guardians, ect) first, then popular pairings. Once the list has been completed, there will be time for requests. All requests should be provided by politely speaking to our Ship Master of the day, who will try to fit everyone in. The ship master will have a book with them to write the ships down in.

When a character or group is called up, we ask you please echo it back to the mods to make sure everyone, even the people at the very back, know who is supposed to be having their pictures taken. The people at the front will have a count down of 5 seconds for the photographers to get their pictures, then they will be asked to head back to the crowd and the next character or group will be called.


Photoshoot rules are as usual for all Torontostuck Events

[*]No rough housing.
[*]Ask for consent before touching anyone- even hugs! everyone has different comfort levels or physical stability.
[*]Do not leave garbage on the ground. We should be leaving the location cleaner than we found it.
[*]No sexual posing. There are young children, muggles, and parents around- keep it to your hotel rooms.
[*]Keep your clothing on. 'boxers' are not a cosplay, do not drop your pants.
[*]No honking of horns or blowing of whistles - it is extremely damaging to ears and also annoying.
[*]Any form of bullying or use of slurs will not be tolerated. This also goes for peer pressure.
[*]Respect the mods. Do not backtalk or heckle. We are trying to run this smoothly for everyone involved.


All of the rules exist because we've had issues with those subjects in the past. As a result, you will first get warnings, but if you continue to behave inappropriately you will be asked to leave the shoot and not welcome at the next Torontostuck event.

If you experience any sort of issue or harassment, don't be afraid to come to any of the mods online or offline for advice, or to work towards an effective solution without having to stir things up yourself. We've dealt will an awful lot of issues over the past few years, so we'll be able to take care of things quickly and quietly.


Should anyone need to get in contact with a mod in advance, I can be reached at [email protected]