Bad first impression at class...

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#1 Emi Hana on 3 years ago

Okay, I'm feeling kind of bummed - and sore - from this past Tues. I decided last week that I wanted to add some strength training besides my Yoga-fusion Class and my Zumba Class. So this past Tues. I went to a strength-training class. When I got there, I met my classmates, chose some weights - they weren't heavy because I knew I had to start out small. Ended up with some dumbbells and a 12 Pound bar - the 10 Pound Bar and two 1 pound weights at the ends.

So during the class, I did squats, lunges, upper body, and lower body exercises. The problem was, as the class was winding down, my legs just couldn't take one more lunge, and I sat down. That's when I realized I couldn't move my legs. In short, I overdid it on the first day.

If I had been ignored, and maybe left alone for the next two workouts, I could have probably gotten up and stayed for the whole class. However, the lady next to me saw what happened, and then the teacher saw what happened, came over, and asked me if I was dizzy, sick, etc. I told her I couldn't move my legs, and I was told to down my water. The teacher was nice enough to buy me a Gatorade, but I downed that pretty quickly too. After that, when I still couldn't move, she told me to go home. I was so embarrassed, but did what I was told.

I still want to take the weight training class, but the problem is, with my bad first day, I'm embarrassed to go back. Next Tuesday I work, so I can't take the class, but when I am off, I can still go to class.

Is there any real way to make up for such a bad first impression? :blubber:

#2 gypsy_girl on 3 years ago

Is there any real way to make up for such a bad first impression?

Go back. Persevere. Don't give up. But be gentle on yourself. Go at your own pace.

Good luck.

#3 Scunosi on 3 years ago

Honestly I think having a problem and never coming back would be more embarrassing, it would signal that you've "failed" or given up. Coming back next week only proves you're dedicated and will persevere. Obviously don't push yourself as hard since you could still be recovering, but I think just continuing to go would make you feel better about it and help you overcome the initial embarrassment.

#4 AdventurerEmily on 3 years ago

The instructor didn't single you out to be mean or to embarrass you, it was to make sure that you weren't ill. She told you to go home so that you wouldn't try to keep going and end up with a serious injury. Don't be embarrassed by hitting a bodily limit; everyone starts somewhere, and why else would you be in a strength training class if not to get stronger? Now you have a better idea about your limits, and you can participate in a safe and healthy way. That's a win for everyone!

#5 Dictamnus Albus on 3 years ago

it works for lifting weights, im sure itd work for ...movements too

when lifting youll see a few differant actions,
youll see people trying to
go fast
lift "fast" but control the down motion more
or people like me, who take the whole thing slow

giong slow is best, the "workout" comes from straining against the weight/resistance
not how many, and to an extent not the weight amount either

so optimizing the time per rep is what you want
you want to pace yourself so you spend more time working
for the most part a 3-6 count for the whole rep is just right

same for lunges or squats and such
go slow and let your body work

you might do a decent amount less, than those around you
but if your consistently "working" then your still doing just as much

no one should "give you the business" over going slower
unless they have no clue what thier talking about

theres a diminishment for going too slow, and giong too fast
too many, too few, too light, too heavy
its all about finding the right balance for you, and your level

dont maximize, OPTIMIZE!, its a good motto for many things

the only thing where going slow will defeat the purpose, is if your doing "explosive"

#6 Mangochutney on 3 years ago

You didn't make a bad first impression. You kicked ass during that class; you kept going until you literally couldn't go any more. It would have been a terrible, unhealthy thing to keep going past that point, and your instructor knew that.

Starting out on strength training is hard. You worked very, very hard. Be proud!

When you go back--and you should definitely go back, absolutely 100% go back--your instructor will probably be delighted to see you. She may be concerned, and ask questions, and check up on you more often than other students, but this won't be because she doubts you or thinks bad things about you. It'll only be because she wants to keep you safe while you get stronger. Go back and good luck!

#7 djlemma on 3 years ago

Holy cow, good for you! You pushed yourself to the limit!!

Don't be embarrassed! Try to take a little bit more care of yourself next time, but don't lose that drive!