Exercises for people who aren't already in shape/don't have great knees or arms?

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#1 Ashton_Anchors on 3 years ago

I've decided I REALLY REALLY want the weight off this time, and started the dieting required (roughly 1,800 this time, because I think that's what my FitBit says? It says 2,300 for the day is to maintain), and have made 5x a week daily walking/using a stationary bike a must. About 2 miles for the walks, 30 minutes on the stationary bike ATM because that's all I can stand before getting bored lol. But I know that won't do everything.
I've looked at a variety of websites/looked at apps to see what other kinds of exercises I can do indoors that don't require a gym (I REALLY REALLY can't afford a gym membership. Plus, I hate the idea of people watching me exercise), but they all require exercises like burpees, pushups (I've never been able to do a pushup, and my knee is a butt and won't like them), and other exercises that require me to put all of my weight on my knees, like squats. The problem is, I don't have great knees (that's why I want the weight off, I'm hoping it helps), or great arms. I physically cannot do those exercises without hurting myself for a day or so after, and I don't want that. The websites I find only have maybe one solution each, and I want more than four exercises. They all seem to be made for skinny people looking to get toned, not fat people trying to get rid of annoying fat.
I had been doing crunches, but I've heard those are bad for the back (and I pull muscles everytime I do them). All I can think of are I think they're called oblique crunches (lie on back, touch opposite elbows and knees together), toe touching, and I've heard of reverse crunches being OK. And some other exercise that requires touching the knee as close to the shoulder as possible, and leg lifts. But I haven't done those yet, besides the toe touches.
Are there any other exercises I can try?

#2 Scunosi on 3 years ago

You could try looking into exercises meant for the elderly. "Sit and be fit," that sort of thing. They're specifically designed for people that may not have the best joints so they're low-impact and mostly done while seated. You could always alter them to be a bit tougher if you're comfortable with that.

Also there are simply low-impact exercises for the non-elderly that exist already, too. It shouldn't be too hard to find some online with the right searches. And even just doing other exercises besides the ones being suggested (that are rough on your knees) is still better than doing nothing.

#3 gypsy_girl on 3 years ago

I have arthritis in my knees. I HATE squats. Walking is nice. Swimming is good. I find that breast stroke will eventually make my knees sore, but flutter kick is fabulous. I also like a lot of beginner pilates poses very nice.

#4 chupachan on 3 years ago

If you check out fitnessblender(.com) they have a ton of free workout videos that you can sort through based on a lot of different criteria such as difficulty and high vs. low impact. You should check it out! Keep up the walking! Great for the body and to clear the mind. I understand that exercise can get tedious, so you might wanna try this technique: find a really interesting audio book to put on your ipod and only allow yourself to listen to it when you are exercising (such as stationary bike or walking). Studies have shown that this very technique motivates people to work out more!
Additionally, dance/zumba videos (plenty on youtube) may appeal to you. If you make a playlist in advance, you'll work up a sweat in no time while (hopefully) having fun. Dance can also improve your mood and confidence (: I went from uncoordinated af a couple years ago to now being a zumba instructor.
Also, as someone else mentioned, you may want to look into Pilates. A lot of workout videos demonstrate modifications for beginners.
Good luck to you!

#5 gules on 3 years ago

I second a pool. Water exercise is naturally low-impact, so it should be more gentle on your knees. Swimming is a great way to get trim, and personally I'm capable of being in a pool longer than a gym setup. Less intimidating, I guess? They also make waterproof music players and stuff nowadays, if you really get into it.

If you have somewhere sturdy enough, I love TRX whatsits. They let you set the difficulty of your exercise just by altering your distance from the anchor point. I have super weak arms, so this is like the only thing I can do right now without them giving out on me.

Whenever you're exercising, keep reminding yourself to keep your core tight-- that's your central muscles, like your abs and glutes and around your spine, etc. Just keeping those tight is super important and gives you good form and improves your overall posture in the long run. Doing it consistently also burns a few extra calories, so yay!

#6 DanArt on 3 years ago

Your body intakes more then it really needs. That is the main problem. Like I have been sitting on but because of all this retouch work I have to do. So I am missing out on those calories talking to people, and running up and down.

#7 Ashton_Anchors on 3 years ago

Got it! :). I REALLY wish I had access to a pool, or I'd definitely do that. I like swimming, but a subscription to the Y is even more expensive than the gym here. >_<;.
The walking/boring stationary bike/other exercises does seem to be paying off, though slowly (I am noticing that my thighs are thinner, though IDK how, given the low weight lost), and the scale says I've lost two pounds now since I started.. about a pound a week? UGH. But it's something.
Anyway, I'll look into those sites/videos (I've already checked out Zumba after I read chupachan's suggestion, but the rest I need to look at yet. Zumba looks like it'll be a perfect addition, and especially good for all the rain/snow/cold days that are coming up in the next few months), and see which ones I can do, and try those. I hate the stationary bike (and Fitbit always reads it wrong.. UGH.), so I'm hoping maybe some Zumba and a combination of the other exercises might be able to replace it when it's rainy or too cold out.
Thanks for the help! :)

#8 Scunosi on 3 years ago

Remember to focus less on scale weight and more on just how you look/feel. Muscle still has weight, so if you're replacing fat with muscle (like your thighs) you may still weigh pretty much the same but look pretty different. If you're meeting your fit/measurement goals don't sweat the weight part.

#9 Ashton_Anchors on 3 years ago

Alright. :). I will. I have been told parts of me look thinner too, which is good.

I tried one of the videos that are supposedly Zumba on Youtube today, and it was murder LOL. And that was one with the steps in it step by step, and not just follow the dance. D:. Those kind are WAY harder looking (too fast, and too many squats and lunges). But I did find two that are within limits (I just skipped squats and deep lunges) so that's good.
Only made it though 20 min today. But I got the steps I wanted (kinda?), so it's ok. I think those will be fine in lieu of the stupid bike on bad days (it's harder, but it feels like something is happening), but I still need to watch other videos for regular exercises.

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