Help me decide how to start!

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  • Hello everyone, I am really new to cosplaying and this one will actually be my first official cosplay. I have no clue how to start and what would be nice to start with. Is there anyone out there who can give me some tips on how to start, what material to use and which character would be nice to do! I am ofcourse willing to put many many hours into it as I would want my first one to at least look a little bit okay :) I know it will be FAR from good, but everyone has to start somehwere, someone here able to help me? THANK YOU!

  • I am a man by the way. Just noting :)

  • Welcome to Coscom, yojeepee!

    First off, what series (comics, anime, games, other nerd stuff) do you like? Of those, who are your favorite characters? Who could you see yourself being?

    Think too about what sorts of tools you have too, or what you're willing to spend first. Do you have a sewing machine? What about power tools? If you're doing a props/armor heavy cosplay, the tools you'll want/need will vary greatly from something that's mostly fabric-based.

  • Hey thanks for answering! I really like all kinds of series to be honest thats why i have the hardest time making a decision who to play as. I have no experience yet so I am probably not able to make armor (yet, will definitely try in the future). I do have all tools neccesary like power tools, sewing machine etc.

    I was thinking about apperentice from dungeon defenders, but my main problem right now is, how in the hell do I start? I have no idea how to begin or if the idea I have is even too hard to do yet.

    Looking forward to a reply (:

  • Hey there! Welcome to the community :)
    I totally understand the whole "I like too many things, where do I even start?!" thing :P
    What I did in the beginning was I'd start watching shows and movies and playing video games, and keep an eye out for characters that a) I connect with/feel like I would like to cosplay and b) I could reasonably do with my resources and time.
    I still do this, but it's more like. I watch something without intending to cosplay, and then end up cosplaying my favourite character from the show.
    Once you think you've found your character, do a quick makeup test in clothes similar to what your character would wear to see how you'd look and feel as the character. (Also yes, male cosplayers can wear makeup too! Really helps to bring characters to life :) )
    If you don't have a wig, do your best to style your hair similarly to your character's hair.
    If I'm really stuck, I like to go to the suggestion chain thread ([url][/url]) and participate in that. I get a lot of ideas about different characters, and if I don't know the show I watch it and do the first step I mentioned above :) There's a whole community of people here to help!
    That's generally what my process is, but it's different for everyone :) I hope that helps!

  • Lots of good advice from Freckled. :)

    Apprentice is a doable first build, if you really take your time on it, and don't go crazy on the details-- you could buy the pants, an undershirt, and boots, you could modify a pre-existing witch hat, and robes are good beginner sewing projects because they're loose fitting and leave a lot of room for error. The staff and some of the details will be a challenge, but nothing TOO crazy as long as you research/plan accordingly.

    There are a dozen slightly different designs that I see when I google The Apprentice-- for future note, it's super helpful to post a reference photo when you mention a specific character, so everyone can see the exact design you're talking about!

  • Thank you guys so much for the tips! I will defenitely use them :) I will keep the picture tip in mind and I will defenitely think of your tips when I start my first try! Thank you so much :D

  • Just start from the simple things.