Twintelle cosplay help

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#1 TheCatgirlYang on 2 years ago

Alright cosplay gurus, I need your help.

I've decided I want to cosplay Twintelle. However, I have next to no clue on how to make a wig that fits hair like hers, her jump suit with all those fancy designs is another thing I have no experience in, I know very basic sewing but that's about it.

Can anyone help me out?

Many thanks


#2 Tiffany_Park on 2 years ago

The wig forum might be able to help you out with the wild hair. The sewing forum can definitely help you with the sewing.

#3 muckypup on 2 years ago

Seconded for asking the specific threads, theres a lot of experienced people who maybe only check certain threads :)

As for the hair,keeping it as light as possible will be key, and of course with Twintelle's hair being ridiculously large (and fabulous!), you may want to keep transportation etc in mind when you decide how big you want to go.
I would personally go with a light wire structure with the hair covering, and would make the black on the face as a mask rather than make up. This could be attached to the base of the wig to make it that extra secure.