AX 2018 Yuri on Ice Gathering

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#1 sickleweed on 3 years ago

Hi everyone!

I hope you had fun at the Yuri on Ice gatherings this year because I will be hosting the YOI cosplay gathering again next year at AX2018! Right now I will just have one gathering but if there's popular demand for a second one on another day, I am open to that as well, just let me know. Once again, prizes will be given away by raffle AND I will try to conduct more games for prizes next year as well:

Yuri!!! on Ice
Day 3, Saturday, 7/6/17
Site 3
5 - 7 PM
[URL=""]Facebook Link[/URL]

#2 sickleweed on 3 years ago

Hi everyone,

Due to changes to gathering sites for AX2018, I have moved our Yuri on Ice gathering to Site 3 instead at 5 PM. I am actually currently taking a poll to see if folks would prefer the gathering earlier in the day, like at 2 PM or 5 PM. Poll will be closing this week since I need to book the site while it's still available. Please vote at the FB event page (link in the post above).