White Complete Cat Set

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#1 KittyAngel on 1 year ago

Price: $20

Hello everyone!

What I have here is a complete cat set. You'll get cat ears, a tail, and leg warmers. It's made from scratch out of white faux fur. The cat ears is a basic clear head band, the tail is attached by putting on a belt through the loop, and the leg warmers will fit some people.




The first three pictures are what you'll receive. For the third picture is what the leg warmers look like on a person. The fourth picture provided is what the entire get-up looks like on a person (without the tail):


Please send money orders. Do make sure that it's concealed very well so it won't get lost. Please No PayPal!

I'm sorry, but no international buyers. Only buyers within the U.S.

Shipping: $5

If you have any questions or concerns, please PM me.

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