Comfy cosplay suggestions?

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  • I'm a long time lurker of the forums but finally found myself in need of some help. I figured I would come here but was unsuccessful in searching for exactly what I needed so why not just ask you all myself! So here goes.

    I've been cosplaying for about seven years now and consider myself to be fairly good at my craft. But in recent years, my health has declined quite a bit. Without going into any specifics I get fatigued fairly easily and this accompanies some obnoxious pains. While I'm in the midst of all this health trouble, I can't help but still want to participate in a con coming up in May. They bring me so much joy and I'm lucky to have supportive friends who are willing to rest with me when the going gets tough. (: I'll also have access to my medication and areas in which I can sit for a while.

    That being said, I've been on the lookout for some comfortable cosplay ideas. Something that'll allow me to be in on the fun but won't be cumbersome when my batteries are drained. I don't want any anxiety about moving myself around but I also want to feel cute! Some ideas I've toyed with so far have been:

    [URL=""]White Mage[/URL] - Final Fantasy Tactics[/LIST]
    [LIST][URL=""]Nozomi[/URL] - Love Live!
    [LIST][URL=""]Umaru[/URL] - Himouto! Umaru-Chan

    And, if it is of any help, some series/games I enjoy are Love Live, Final Fantasy, Dragon Ball, Sailor Moon, Madoka Magica, League of Legends, basically everything! Some previous cosplays I have done have been a little sister from Bioshock, Snow White, Daenerys Targaryen, and Haruhi Suzumiya. And it is to be noted that I am a curvy 5'3" girl, so bonus points for ideas that'd be flattering!

    (P.S. let me know if this post belongs somewhere else!)

  • Sailor Moon, the school uniforms are comfy. You could do a modern version of Snow White, yellow pants/shorts/comfy skirt with a blue shirt accented with red and the cute bow in the hair.

  • Love Live has some ADORABLE pajama sets! Here's a [URL=""]Nozomi example[/URL].

    Kigurumi cosplays are also super comfy and adorable. They also work really nicely for animal-type characters, which could be Luna or Artemis from Sailor Moon, any Pokemon, Annie's bear (League), or a bazillion other things. They're also "flattering" on everyone because they're basically large poofy sacks with a hood!

  • Zoe's outfit from Digimon Frontier is super confy and I tell you by self-experience, I'd also suggest this pajama from Sakura:

  • Probably the most comfy cosplay would be wearing a Kigurumi of a creature character (the outfites that look like onsie pjs with a hood. Everyone I've talked to about them has said they are the most confortable things ever). So like, you say you like Sailor Moon, so for that series, there are Luna and Artemis ones. They also can be found in many different animals. Like a fox, racoon, owl, dog, etc. there are also Pokemon ones, Toothless from How To Train Your Dragon, and just about any animal character in anime.

  • You could be Tsukimi Kurashita from Princess Jellyfish. She literally wears sweats for most of the anime. :D

    Going off the Sailor Moon stuff, Molly would also work, or any of the Senshi's casual outfits, really. There's also Kyoko's casual outfit from Madoka Magica (blue sweatshirt and shorts). Tifa Lockhart or Bulma would be simple enough as well.

    I would also suggest Yui from Sword Art Online, since you mentioned your height.

  • In the same vein as Umaru you could do a [URL=""]gremlin D.Va [/URL]from Overwatch, she's normally depicted in either just her regular bodysuit with additional props or regular clothes in her colors, plus her makeup. Overwatch is still pretty hot so you'd get recognized, and probably stand out a bit from the hundreds of bodysuit D.Vas if you do an alternate outfit.

    Now that I think about it casual Overwatch in general is pretty popular for people that want to do it but don't have the time for a full suit of armor or whatever, or want to be more comfortable.

    Now a really comfy cosplay I saw once was someone doing Gudetama the egg from Sanrio. I couldn't find any pics online but they basically had a fluffy egg-white-shaped blanket to lay on and wore what was basically a yellow kigurumi. When they curled up on the blanket they looked remarkably like him, and knowing the character if you want to be comfy and lazy it's totally canon!

    Since you mentioned Final Fantasy, besides the White and Black Mages there's also Tonberry, which is even simpler. And if you make a plush tail you could use it to lean against when you're sitting down!