AN 2016: Did you take my picture? thread

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#1 Heedless1 on 3 years ago

Hey everyone, Looking for more photos of me from this weekend, I was dressed as Dragon knight from dota 2 [url][/url]

post your costume and maybe someone took your picture

#2 LugiaP2K on 3 years ago

I was dressed as [URL=""]Terokk[/URL] (World of Warcraft) from about 5-7 on Saturday.

I'm not too hopeful about finding pics (I think only about 3 people actually stopped me for pictures), but maybe there are some ninja shots floating around :crylaugh:. I was also at the Random Video Games photoshoot on Saturday.

#3 _Jun_ on 3 years ago

I would be interested in seeing some pictures of my male-Yang cosplay from RWBY. I had the full Ember Celica, sunglasses, and was possibly the only brown male-Yang cosplayer at the con. Was also at the Friday RWBY shoot, so pictures of that would also be great.

#4 Pasiphilo on 3 years ago

I was a [URL=""]Leaf Man[/URL] (from Epic) on Friday and Saturday and grown-up/ghost [URL=""]Avatar Aang[/URL] (from Avatar: The Legend of Korra on Sunday.

#5 xshedevilx on 3 years ago

I was Momoka from Fakku! on Friday (paneling mostly though), Wonder Woman on Saturday, and Deedlit with Parn on Sunday (though few took photos as little knew who we were).

#6 SuperBee on 3 years ago

I was a scalemaille gyarados. Apparently it was very loud and you couldn't miss hearing it

#7 sage_blossom on 3 years ago

Hey all! If anyone saw pictures of my [URL=""]Princess Hilda or Mettaton[/URL] on the Saturday, please let me know! I was the one running the Saturday Legend if Zelda shoot and was also at the Saturday Undertale shoot too

Also a decent number of people took pics of my [URL=""]lolita coords on Friday and Sunday[/URL] too, so I may as well be on the lookout for those too!

Only took a few pics due to a constantly dying/forgotten phone, but i'll share them in the other thread :)

#8 Kira-Destiny on 3 years ago

Anyone take my picture? I was a Charizard gijinka all 3 days, with a fleece hoodie with dragon parts and a red ponytail wig with horns (like in my avatar).

#9 musicalcats on 3 years ago

[QUOTE=xshedevilx;5029095] Wonder Woman on Saturday[/QUOTE]
Where you with an Ariel in a pink dress?

#10 musicalcats on 3 years ago

Friday: Nel arrancar with my BFF as Orihime arrancar (both Bleach)
Saturday: Sailor Saturn with my BFF as Sailor Moon
Sunday: Tin Nyanko (Sailor Moon) with my BFF as Kairi (Kingdom Hearts)

#11 xshedevilx on 3 years ago

[QUOTE=musicalcats;5029860]Where you with an Ariel in a pink dress?[/QUOTE]

Nope! I was more armoured. ^^

#12 chaos_magician on 3 years ago

Hi! looking for photos of my teen Gohan from Dragonball on the Sat/Sun and photos in general from our Dragonball shoot.

I don't know the name of the person who organized the shoot but if you have photos I would be forever grateful if you could post them or anyone who attended the shoot ;)


#13 seiryuux on 3 years ago

I cosplayed as the following:

- Guilty module/ACUTE song KAITO (Vocaloid)
- Persona 4 protagonist (Dancing All Night attire)
- Junior and one of his henchmen (RWBY)

More specifically, I'm looking for pics from the Friday RWBY shoot. It's the only day of the three RWBY shoots that I have seldom seen any pics for.