Red's corset from Once Upon a Time help?

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#1 gules on 4 years ago

Sooo... I was able to find more or less perfect replicas of the fabrics and patterns of her cloak. Her shirt is a fancy peasant blouse and so is her skirt. BUT THE CORSET IS KILLING ME. Can anyone help? These are my questions:

- Does any one know of a good corset/bodice pattern to use for her? I'm poor at altering a pattern and the deep point at the bottom is what I'm having the hardest time envisioning. I found a few with the correct neckline, but that V at the bottom...! I don't even know how I'd keep it from trying to curl up.

- FABRIC. I cannot for the life of me find that corset fabric. I'm so frustrated because I can find all the others to a T and this single one eludes me. Has anyone found this fabric???

If no one has found this fabric, then has anyone found something passably close color and looks-wise? I keep coming up with things too olive or too bright green or without the shine it has. I'm going mad over here.

Any help is appreciated.
- G

#2 CezzaXV on 4 years ago

Have you considered getting some fabric embroidered with that pattern? It's what I would do. If you can make a high resolution of vector image that tiles of the pattern you need, it's easy enough to convert it into a format an embroidery machine can read. Then you just need to find someone with an embroidery machine who can embroider it for you.

You could also find a plain corset and paint or draw on the pattern yourself.