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#1 DancingFish on 2 years ago


I just need the gold part of this headband. I have been looking around and I can not find out any info on how to do this headband. I seen some people buy the headband but I can not find it and I am not sure what terms to use to find it. I would rather buy it since I am not super crafty but I can make it if needed.

For making it, I just need help with the gold headband part, not the gold front piece. Thank you!~

#2 Midnight Dawn on 2 years ago

It already has a fabric backing.

So for the sake of simplicity you can easily make this out of foam. Then apply 3D glue for the detailing work.

#3 Penlowe on 2 years ago

Agreed, EVA foam (also known as craft foam or fun foam, available everywhere kids craft supplies are sold) is the easiest.
You can mold it with heat, a good hot blowdryer, heat gun or iron (if your careful, don't touch the foam directly it will burn and gunk up your iron).
It has to cool in the shape you want, but it doesn't get so hot you can't use your own head. Then once you have the shape you desire it requires several base coats of EVA glue (Elmer's Mod Podge, etc) to close up the porous surface.
Then you can spray paint to get the pretty finish.

Somewhat time consuming, but very low cost, like a total of less than $10USD unless you don't own any heating device.

NOTE: When it comes to the surface finishing, have a couple scraps of foam that you coat the same as the headpiece. Test your spray paint on those before going to the headpiece. That way if you don't have a good enough seal, you know to put more on the headpiece instead of loosing all your work because the spray paint ate your foam.

#4 DancingFish on 2 years ago

Thank you so much for all the tips. I didn't know I could use my own head as a mold so that will be good. =D For the detailing on it, how could I get the striped look? Like if I do the hot glue, should I put on like a flat surface and then run something saw shaped over to get the triangle shape or will that not work? Or if I did it with foam, how could I get it to have those ridges?

#5 Midnight Dawn on 2 years ago

Take a knife and score the foam in the pattern you need it to be. Then heat it with a heat gun to settle it's pattern.

Here's an instructional video. [URL="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mv94XXKfGN4"]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mv94XXKfGN4[/URL]. The section you want to look at is at 4:30 where it'll explain scoring and heating foam.

This can also be done with thinner craft foam. Just score it more lightly.

#6 DancingFish on 2 years ago

Ooo, thank you!~ I had no idea that the foam designs get thicker after heating. =D

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