Is ther a way to apply a transparent sheen to fabric?

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#1 Wild_Fire_1187 on 1 year ago

I am building a costume that involves a few pieces with feathers. Instead of using real or faux feathers, I want to make them out of cotton cloth. The effect I would also like to include is the effect on feathers of magpies, where they typically appear black except for the teal/blue sheen that appears in bright light.
While keeping the feathers soft and natural-esque looking, as well as be washable and withstand wear and tear, is there any way that I can apply such an effect to the fabric?

Thank you.

#2 lunaflora on 1 year ago

the only thing i can think of at the moment is layering them with an iridescent organza

#3 KuruttaKanashii on 1 year ago

I'd get some extra fabric and experiment with thin washes of metallic paints.

#4 Asmaria on 1 year ago

You could use iridescent black satin or taffeta and then use fabric glue on the edges so they don't fray? I think I used Aleens fabric glue to keep the edges of my roommate's tattered coat from fraying, but fabritac might also be good. Always do tests, including washing. Something like that would need hand washing, though.