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#1 GalacticPhotos on 11 months ago

Hello! I'm Galaxy 42 Photography and I'm now booking for Katsu on Saturday and Sunday of the con! My rates start at 30$ for a 30min-1hr shoot with about 10 edited photos. For 2 people that would be 45$. More photos or longer shoot times will be extra. I am also willing to negotiate prices if you want a shorter shoot or fewer photos. Just message me if you have any questions! I don't bite!

I. I am pretty flexible with pricing. This form is more for reserving your time slot and getting an estimate. I can work with your needs. Let's say you get a 30 minute shoot, but also want wings photoshopped in. That's going to cost a little extra.

II. As Katsucon is extremely busy and crowded, if you are picking the area you want to be shot in, please make sure it's not a gazebo situation (of course near the gazebo is fine, but as the area is extremely crowded prepare other locations)! Of course I'll look into them, as-well.

III. I will only do shoots inside the Gaylord and close outside areas (no more than ten minutes away). Contact me with any questions if you have an idea in mind and aren't sure if it's doable.

IV. As of now, I accept cash payments, paypal, and square cash. All payments must be made by the time of your shoot or I will consider it canceled.

V. I have time slots available from 10:30am-6pm.

VI. All photos are edited (light airbrushing, color, etc). I do not watermark my photos anymore.

Email: [email][email protected][/email]

Portfolio: [url]www.flickr.com/photos/galaxy42[/url]