Glasses smudging makeup

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#1 Celestrina on 2 years ago

I am considering cosplaying as Valak from The Conjuring. I've never worn makeup this heavy, in part because I wear glasses. Even after using a type of fixative will my glasses smear smear the makeup? I can't wear contacts and if someone wants to take a picture it would look odd if my natural skin tone showed on the bridge of my nose.

Reference picture:


#2 micro-babe on 2 years ago

I have huge glasses that tend to smudge my makeup and honestly the best you can do is apply eye primer to the area, powder well, spray with a good fixing spray, and just touch up throughout the day.

#3 walkerofdarknes on 2 years ago

As a fellow glass-wearer, I actually found a solution to some of my costume problems, but I'm not sure if this would work for you. But it might, so here goes:

I took my last set of glasses and removed the lenses from them. Since they were only 1 point off my current set, I was actually encouraged by my doc to hang onto them (I'm sure they thought it was a breakage issue...boy were they wrong). But I took the lenses and actually glued them into my forthcoming armor's helmet at the right spots.

So for your costume, based on the pics I Googled, I might consider converting an old set into a swimmer's goggles, with the nose-bridge being colored the same as your makeup (or even done in the same makeup as well). You then give a light coat of paint for the eyes and the deep shadows of his eye sockets, something you can accentuate with a little makeup on yourself, and not thick enough to obscure your actual vision. Granted, my own costume doesn't require multiple colors (in fact, I gave it a light grey to help hide my own eyes), but theoretically, it should work. I'd try a couple of test paints on some transparent material though.

#4 Sweet Loretta on 2 years ago

You have a few options. This is not a heavy makeup look and can be achieved by a variety of methods. And of course as you already know the disclaimer is anything that rubs on the makeup covered skin can make the makeup come off.

Most fixing sprays are made for body art and contain alot of alcohol and will sting facial skin. A great dnder makeup fixer is Mehron Skin Prep Pro - really helps makeup stay on.

Then try a non cream (oil) or gylcern based makeup in other words avoid classic foundation, cream makeups, pan sticks and traditional face paints. Try a pressed powder like Mehron Starblend which tends to slide less.

Good Luck, Have Fun.