Wanting to start while losing weight

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#1 Balrogofmorgoth on 2 years ago

Hello! I'm thoroughly interested in cosplay but I've always been a person to look but not do due to low self confidence, etc.

However I've started losing weight and becoming a better/happier person with myself and would absolutely love to start getting into cosplay! I'm currently losing weight (7.5 kg's down and almost a dress size :D) so I'm unsure on how to start as my weight and shape of body won't be consistent for a while.

I'm a beginner in everything so I would love to find ways I can still get into it while continuing to lose weight, what are some ways I can do this?

Thank-you :)

#2 Amber724 on 1 year ago

as someone who is the same way and still losing, I would start with smaller things like props and accessories, first and then when you get down to the weight you want, then make the clothing part. I'm doing a sailor moon group cosplay and I'm waiting until my weight is down to make mine, but I'm making the wands, tiaras, bows and brooches, rods and all that

#3 DevilinDetail on 1 year ago

This may (probably) isn't that good of advice, but you could use your outfit as motivation. Make something slightly smaller/bigger than you actually are, and work to fit yourself in it. It's probably a safe bet to do as Amber said above, though, and work on other parts of your costume first.

#4 Miss Mace on 1 year ago

It's perfectly possible to cosplay while losing weight. Since you mentioned dress size, I assume you're female, so my experience with that might be helpful. I picked a couple costumes I felt were appropriate to do my size (no one wants to see this in a bikini), and I've taken in the skirts for both since I made them (one of which went into another cosplay). Tops tend to need a little less fussing, but eventually they'll need to be taken in or replaced as well.

My advice would be more don't make/buy any expensive or overly elaborate costumes until you've gotten to your goal weight. Use that as motivation to get there, definitely! But you don't need to exclude yourself from cosplay in the meantime (you certainly don't want it to feel like a fantasy).