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#1 Ratbat2099 on 3 years ago


I just begun cosplaying and since my current favorite book is Luke Skywalker and the Shadows of Mindor by Matthew Stover, I wanted to try the character of Shadowspawn. But since I'm only a beginner and have next to no handcrafting skills, I wanted to ask for some advice and comments from people with more skills.

The amount of art for Shadowspawn is quite sparse, about three pictures and only two of them are big enough to get details from.



For the jacket, I tried searching for many kinds of commodore and otherwise military-looking ones, but didn't hit any with the kind of details that Shadowspawn has. Not knowing what those yellow things on the jacket are called did complicate things, if someone does know, please so tell me. But in the end I found a steampunk jacket that has kind of same details.


For the utility belt, I found some ammo pouch belt that I'm also using for my Jack O'Lantern costume.


For the skirt, I'm pretty sure that second'hand shops are my best bet for finding some for cheap, of course I have stitch those yellow squares into it.

For his glorious hat, I planned on using a Soviet military hat I found from a flee market and creating the shape of the hat by making an outer shell from wood with help from my friend and father.


This is one of my first posts here so this one might be messy but I try to learn quick :) Comments and advice are appreciated.

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