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#1 Ends Beginning on 3 years ago

Hello all!

I wanted to get a critique on my most recent cosplay Hisoka from Hunter x Hunter. Here is a [URL="http://www.cosplay.com/costume/496666/"]Link[/URL] to my cosplay with some photos. Please let me know what ya think!


#2 Rahzel on 3 years ago

Hi! I'm no cosplay veteran but I'm a veteran at being a Hisoka fan so I'll try to help. :)
I think your cosplay is one of the best Hisoka cosplays I've seen around, although it's hard to see details in the pictures. I like how the armbands look carefully done (although maybe they should be placed a bit higher?), how you tried to cover the "hairline" of the wig with makeup and I especially like these golden things you used for the sleeves and collar.
Honestly I only feel that one thing is off and that is the collar, because Hisoka's collar is supposed to stand up, right? It's a bit harder to do, maybe you'd like to use another type of fabric for the collar.
Other than that, maybe I'd try changing some details... i.e. try to make the hair look a little messier (his hair is wavy, which most get wrong but you got right, but it's a little less slick than this, I think). Wear something like a corset for the belly part to get more of his sillhouete. etc.
All in all I don't have much to suggest. Being a beginner myself, I just wanted to praise you for the job well done on one of my favorite villains ever. ^_^ <3

#3 Ends Beginning on 3 years ago

Yeah these photos don't really give the collar credit it does stand up fairly well on it's own I think the angles of my photos make it look like it doesn't.
I've been picking at the wig a bit myself trying to get some hairs to look more like fly aways without them being fly aways.
As for the make up yeah I had a kit for make up on order and it finally came in so I will be trying to hide the hairline more. I also didn't use any tape or spirit gum for these photos just sort of threw it on really.
Yeah I can just push the arm bands up more and such they do slide down over time, but that seems to be a normal thing for those types of accessories after all we unfortunately don't live in the anime world where gravity doesn't affect clothing items or hair.
I never thought about the corset idea I might give that a try thanks!

I really love my Hisoka cosplay, it's literally the first that I have done everything for except making my boots XD.
I actually used mostly scraps for this cosplay to so I am super proud that I saved money and made this wonderful thing.

Thanks for the input! <3

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