ALA 2019 Cosplay Gathering List

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#1 sickleweed on 1 year ago

Hi everyone!

ALA is ready to accept cosplay gathering meet-up requests! You can submit your requests here on coscomm or at the ALA cosplay Facebook page [URL=""][U]HERE[/U][/URL].

The cosplay gathering schedule for ALA 2019 can be found [URL=""][U]HERE[/U][/URL]. (Updated 11/7/2018 3:00 PM)

To make a request to host:
1) go to the gathering schedule and find an open timeslot for the site you want. NOTICE: timeslots will be assigned in either 30 minutes or 1 hour block next year, with a 10 minute buffer between each gathering to allow hosts to move out or into the site. We will put in the buffer for you so don't worry about that, but you'll notice that's why the schedule is in 10 minute time increments.

2) submit your request here on coscomm by posting within this thread or at the ALA Facebook page. If for whatever reason you can't submit your request through either venue, you can contact me directly [URL=""]Sickleweed AX[/URL].

3) Once your request checks out in that it does not interfere with any other gathering, your gathering will be added to the schedule.

Gathering Sites: there is a change to the gathering sites for 2019: North and South Courtyard and the Rose Garden remains, but there is a new location now which is the Doubletree Staircase. Please refer to the gathering map that is linked on the gathering schedule for the new location.

The guidelines for gatherings is the same as last year: that you hold your gathering in an open timeslot, that the site you choose is appropriate for your gathering site, and that your gathering is not a duplicate of another gathering taking place on the same day (for example, two Pokemon gatherings on the same day). There are exceptions to rule #3, for example, if it's a night versus day gathering scenario, but you will have to provide justification and it will be up to ALA to decide on such matters. Please, always be respectful to fellow hosts and move your gathering aside when your time is up so that the next host can start their meetup.

As usual, I am doing this on a purely voluntary basis to support Sam Miyake-san, who is the official ALA cosplay gathering organizer, and Anime Los Angeles.

Hope all this helps!


#2 eBay Sniper on 9 months ago


I would like to request the Hyperdimension Neptunia Gathering for Day 4, Classic Rose Garden, at 1pm.

Thank you!

#3 BlazeofWar60 on 9 months ago

Hello Sickleweed, thanks for organizing the gatherings once again!

I'd like to hold a Doki Doki Literature Club cosplay gathering on Saturday 11:30 am at gathering site 2. In case you need a link to the event page here it is: [url][/url]

#4 Kuja on 9 months ago


We are hosting the Touken Ranbu gathering again, we would like the Saturday 3:00pm for one hour in the South Fountain courtyard spot. If at all possible. :)

Hosts are listed on the gathering page. :)


#5 Myuuma on 9 months ago

Hello! Would like to request an [email protected] gathering
Saturday 3-4pm

At the rose garden
Please and thank you
Hosted by Kittytemtem cosplays

#6 Gamedraco Cosplay on 9 months ago

Could I request the the South Fountain Courtyard on Saturday from 1:00 to 1:40 PM for the Nintendo Gathering and 1:40 to 2:20 PM for the Zelda Gathering please? I expect large turnout at both and request 40 minutes for each.

Zelda Gathering: [url][/url]

Nintendo Gathering: [url][/url]

#7 Vincent-Roth on 9 months ago

Hi Sickleweed,

I would like to host a Gathering.

Day 1
Diabolik Lovers
Site: 4 Double Tree Staircase

Facebook Link: [url][/url]

#8 nataliaxasch on 9 months ago

I would like to request:
Tales of Gathering
Day: 3, Saturday ~ 1/12/19
Time: 1:00 PM ~ 2:00 PM
Site: 2, North Courtyard

Facebook Link: [url][/url]
Hosted by: Princess Pirate Cosplay

Any questions please contact me through my Facebook cosplay page.

#9 eBay Sniper on 9 months ago

Sorry, forgot to mention length of the Neptunia Gathering. I'll request 1pm-2pm. Thanks.