So, is there anyone who still loves Norman Reedus?

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#1 roseandzippin on 3 years ago

I mean, this is the second year in a row. Last year, my aunt bought a photo-op ticket for Saturday only for him to cancel, and then surprise! He makes an appearance anyway, after she received her refund for the photo-op. I know he's busy and all with the filming, but can't celebrities just wait until they're sure of their schedules before they confirm appearances? It's becoming way too common, and I feel it's because the cons feel a need to advertise fancy celebrities who say that they "might" be able to come, in order to sell tickets early and provide funding for the con. It makes sense for their budget, but doesn't make the fans very happy when their favorite celebrities cancel!

#2 Gnomig on 3 years ago

I still love him. I'm hoping he shows up, so I can get that photo!!! He was the first on my list to see this year too. :( I should have grabbed it last year when I had the chance. haha

#3 dogwitch on 3 years ago

yeah i feel you on this.