Fairytail Cosplayers!

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#1 EinIsMine on 5 years ago

Anyone attending wearing fairytail cosplays!?

#2 Amberleh on 5 years ago

Hi there!!!

I've found that cosplaying at Comic Con can be quite difficult and a bit of a pain, but if there are enough other FT cosplayers I will at least bring my Fem! Laxus for one day!!! That one is comfortable enough (albeit a bit warm) to wear all day.

I wish I could bring my fancy volume 14 dress Mirajane (as shown in my avatar), but I just don't have the time or money right now to fix up the wig (which is a disaster currently after AX) or to fix up the dress, which has a few tears from AX and needs a dry cleaners. Not to mention the fact that I would need to wear heels all day with it and my hotel is gonna be all the way in San Ysidro, making changing out mid-day difficult.

But anyway- If we decide on a day to all dress as Fairy Tail I'll definitely at least bring Laxus!!

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