Austria=Austin Powers?

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#1 lelechan on 5 years ago

I know this sounds really silly, but I had a thought strike me while I was in the shower.

I've always really wanted to do either a Hungary or fem!Prussia cosplay with my boyfriend being Austria--he already has dark hair and glasses--but I was always a little daunted by the idea of making Austria's costume.

Then it hit me--what if I started off with an Austin Powers costume?

It already has the cravat, and it's usually made of a dark blue velvet, which matches Roderich's dark blue coat. I could get the pattern for it and all I would have to do is lengthen the coat, maybe use a different material.

Thoughts? Ideas?

#2 RoderichofClubs on 5 years ago

Wow I'm pretty late to this thread xD

I cosplay Austria C: (i need to figure out how to upload stuff on this website meh)

At first I actually thought about buying the Austin Powers outfit too haha. I think it's a really good idea if you want it to be an easy project- it's all there for you as you said.
I somehow got very lucky and found a blue trenchcoat and everything for a good deal at an old theater company selling it's inventory, but that rarely ever happens. Buying a tailored Austria cosplay is pretty expensive,. Austria does indeed look like Austin Powers and I've been asked before if I was cosplaying him as I'm sure many others have. So. If you haven''t yet, I would go for it. Austria has a few different versions of his outfits as you probably know so anything would be fine. And I love the ship idea ^.^

#3 Charlemagne on 4 years ago

Depending on the size you need, I'm actually selling my old Austria coat! I'm working on uploading photos right now, if you're interested, and I would throw in the cravat and the frilly shirt too!