Idris Progress

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#1 Dreamerwolf on 5 years ago

Hello! Just felt like posting this as I'm very proud. :) This was my first time making something like this and it certainly took some turns I didn't expect, like how long it took to color the lace the way I liked. Not saying it's perfect..the greens are darker than I would have really liked for one thing, and I'm still going to do more discoloring/distressing to it, but still, I'll be proud to wear it.



I've also made the orange underskirt. Now I'm waiting on the taffetas to arrive and hopefully can work on the top skirt this weekend. So, it's coming along!

#2 GraelynRose on 5 years ago

This looks fantastic so far!

#3 DoctorSong on 5 years ago

Wow, that's gorgeous! I wish I had that kind of talent. :bigtu:

#4 kirilee on 5 years ago

That looks awesome!