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#1 sinisterspidey on 6 years ago

So I'm new to this forum and saw a thread for Marvel/Avengers cosplay, so I thought I'd ask who's going as DC characters. My girlfriend and I are going to be there on Saturday as Nightwing (mostly YJ version) and Batgirl, hoping to get some good pictures with other DC characters! What are you all planning on going as?

#2 nathancarter on 6 years ago

There's a huuuuuge DC group meet and shoot on Saturday. Precise time and location are TBD. If you use the Facebook, look for the group called "DC Cosplay Day at Megacon."

I don't think I'll be in DC cosplay, but I may swing by to take some photos.

#3 dogwitch on 6 years ago

i did not know that group on fb.

#4 sinisterspidey on 6 years ago

I found one big DC/Marvel meetup on facebook, it looks like the DC photoshoot is at 2pm, DC vs Marvel is 3, and just Marvel at 4, all on Saturday.

#5 tolzmannia007 on 6 years ago

My brother will be doing a Court of Owls! This is his first con so it'd be cool for him to meet some people.

#6 AshleyV on 6 years ago

Saturday I'll be debuting my Forever Evil Superwoman cosplay for the DC shoot

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