Maid dress help?

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#1 breadwing on 6 years ago

I'm not really sure where to post this, but I'm wanting to buy a maid dress and I really like the look of [URL=""]this one[/URL]. The thing is, it's hellocosplay and I've seen some mixed reviews about them, so my question is have you seen a similar dress to this or this image knocking about without the hellocosplay watermark on it? (I tried reverse image search just to be safe, but obviously it didn't work because of the editing).


#2 Jei-Cos on 6 years ago

I can almost promise you that there will be another one out there of that exact picture. HC is known for using stock images that other places use. I know this for a fact after buying a keyblade from an ebay seller (which I got everything exact, as well as the other 2 things I got from them, which are Cloud strifes Advent shoulder piece and sword harness, these are relevant to this). I looked on HC before I bought them because I was looking to see if any other stoe had the same pics. No one at all had the pics. So I bought the stuff. Literally a month or so later, I was looking at HC and what do I see? They literally used every single picture for those 3 items. Even the exact same reference pics. So I know they steal pics. Now how many are stolen? No idea..Main focus here, be cautious with them. I've hears about 50/50 on them so..I think that one looks nice, But I'm hesitant about the fact that they have a "DO NOT COPY thing on the page..As if they have any right to say that after doing it themselves..

#3 EmiBubble on 6 years ago

What about trusting eBay instead, the customer service is much better there.

#4 breadwing on 6 years ago

I'm sorry to both of you for the late replies, and thank you for your help

Yeah, I've seen so many mixed reviews and a few horror stories that I was pretty hesitant about buying from them, and you finding the eBay cosplay you bought on there has just sort of solidified me not buying from them. Thanks for saving me from a potential disaster! And wow, there's a lot of irony in the 'do not copy'

I've had a look around on eBay after you saying but I'm still a bit cautious because of all the reposted pictures. Also because of my involvement in lolita I'm always a bit worried about buying anything that could be potentially lacy on there haha. I did find [URL=""]this[/URL] though after searching for collared dresses, with an apron and some trim on there do you think it could work?

#5 melgibbs on 6 years ago

Sorry to ask this but I'm just curious whether who's going to wear the maid dress. You? ( no offense meant, just really curious)