Looking for roomies.

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#1 Kilikblackrose on 5 years ago

(Subject due to Change depending on people)

Need ONLY 2 Room mates (Can't guarantee double beds bring something just incase). Have hotel Reservation at The Westin Tampa Harbour Island which is a 3 min walk from the con. Room will have a total of 5 people MAX at $61 per person. If interested There are a few simple rules which will be enforced to protect liability, and having a drama free fun time.
Age Requirement: 18+
#1 If your going to bring make up please keep things clean don't stain Please.

#2 Drinking Is fine but don't go overboard and no random guest without our permission. (NO UNDERAGE DRINKING!)

#3 Need to be 0 sure that you can go.

#4 After Midnight please be courteous and not loud when entering the room as some of us may be sleeping thanks.

Were all pretty chill laid back we just don't want unnecessary drama and we want everyone to feel that their stuff is safe in our room.

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