My appearances as the Astro Megazord

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#1 createtime on 2 years ago

These are videos of me as the Astro Megazord at past comic cons. It's made out of cardboard and papermache. Took me 2 months to make.

1. Rhode Island Comic Con 2016
from 1:49 to 1:54

2. NorthEast Comic Con 2016
from 0:46 to 0:49

from 3:18 to 4:05

3. NorthEast Comic Con 2017
from 3:46 to 4:08

4. New England Super Megafest 2017
from 12:29 to 13:42
from 14:32 to 16:14

#2 Mangochutney on 2 years ago

Lookin' good, broseph. That's a lot of hard work you put in. Well done!

#3 createtime on 2 years ago

New appearance