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#1 LinnVicious on 2 years ago

Hello all!

I'm putting together a Shrine Maiden cosplay from Fatal Frame for MomoCon this year and I'm stuck at what to use to make the headpiece?

Usually my go-to is cardboard but it's too bulky and doesn't curve like I need.. any ideas of what other materials I could use?


I've also got to craft 2 immortal flowers and need some ideas of some light weight materials that I could use that would work well.. I thought about origami but it just doesn't look right.


Any input would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

#2 beckala3505 on 2 years ago


I am new to the scene but very creative.

I am thinking tissue paper and PVA glue. a bit like paper mashee (newspaper and wallpaper glue) the only thing you'd need to find is something that has the desired curve then cover it with cellephane (that clear plastic you use to wrap sandwiches in) this will create an easily removable barrier upon which you can build up the head dress. I think the side pieces would be a separate process so make sure you have created holes for them to be mounted in to. could go to macdonalds buy a drink and grab some extra straws to make these mounting holes you just need a dowel or rod for the inside and then glue them together with the dowel or rod as strengthening support.

the same process could be done using plaster but that might be too heavy

hope this has given you an idea

kind regards


#3 Mangochutney on 2 years ago

Start with a baseball cap, cut off the brim.

If the headdress covers the entire hat, size the hat to fit over your wig. Otherwise put the wig over the baseball cap and tack the wig to it, then build your headdress over that.

#4 AuthoroftheYear on 2 years ago

For most of the design and maybe the outstretched pieces you could use craft foam. It comes in a variety of colors and sizes. I would search how to work with it before hand, though.

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