Forgotten Basics with Cosplay!

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#1 KittyAngel on 1 year ago

Was there ever a time where you just flat out forgot a basic sewing technique, then you suddenly realized it? In turn, which made you redo that process again?

It does seem ridiculous and silly, but there's something about elastic waist bands, with me anyway, I always seem to, from time to time, forget to stretch it out as I sew :eek:

Luckily, it's a technique that it's easily fixable, but it does get annoying when it happens:sulk:

I'm working on my Disgust from Inside Out cosplay and I'm doing a basic leotard for her skin. As I was doing the elastic last night, I didn't stretch it out and it wasn't until I finished a leg opening when I realized that I needed to stretch it out as I sewed >__<

I'll fix it today, but man, how aggravating is it? Especially, when you've been doing it for [U]insert number[/U] years?

Do share your stories of your cosplay work in progress, whether it be for a con or Halloween, where you forgot a basic sewing technique. Whether it was an easy fix or something permanent:eek:

#2 scribblingninja on 1 year ago

I managed to draw the outline on the wrong side of my satin fabric for my Inkling hat. And put one of the spots on the wrong side of my purple.
It's all fixable but aaaargh. >_<

Definitely a "D'oh!" moment.

#3 Respawning on 1 year ago

not really a "forgot how" more of a brain fart, but I often (especially when drafting my own patterns) will forget to flip the pattern so I can get a mirrored piece, resulting in having 2 pieces of the same side.

#4 walkerofdarknes on 1 year ago

When I was making 2 of the 4 pieces of my current scythe out of EVA foam, I ended up making pieces of opposite sides (front left and right rear) because I forgot to flip the skeleton base I was using.

#5 loz64 on 1 year ago

I'm about 50% likely to sew a sleeve on backward or inside out.

#6 Scunosi on 1 year ago

[QUOTE=loz64;5067720]I'm about 50% likely to sew a sleeve on backward or inside out.[/QUOTE]
Ugh, yeah, I think every time I've sewn a sleeve I've sewn at least one of them inside out first.

For a long time I could never remember how to thread my machine and I always had to pull up a Youtube video to review how to do it. I would only get my machine out like twice a year so I'd keep forgetting it and have to re-learn every time.

#7 Slapthefatcat on 1 year ago

How to use craft foam and hot glue. LOL. But seriously, I use strictly EVA foam or just sewing for so much and glue stuff with other types of glue, I had to re-teach myself how to use hot glue and craft foam.

#8 Slapthefatcat on 1 year ago

Also, forgot I could cover things with other materials. LOL. Had that epiphany last night while trying to figure out this armor with its weird texture.