Scar help for Ignis Scientia FFXV

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#1 Tubular Fox on 3 years ago

Hello everyone,

First of all, I guess I should warn for spoilers in case people haven't finished the game yet? It came out pretty recently, after all....


I was hoping that someone might be able to give me some advice for creating Ignis's new eye scar after his accident near the end of the the game. I'd heard the best way to get quick, realistic scars was with rigid collodion, but there's also no way I'm putting that stuff anywhere near my eye, so that's definitely out. I've never really done any scar makeup before, so help would be very appreciated! Here are some reference pictures:


Thanks so much in advance!

#2 kgecosplay on 3 years ago

Since you can't put rigid collodion near your eyes, I would suggest using nude lipstick and dark pink eyeshadow on the area where the scar is. It wouldn't be "deep" or 3d, but it's probably the safest thing since eyes are pretty sensitive.
This is a tutorial for a bruise, but the colours look pretty similar to the scar around the eye. You also could just use darker eyeshadow.
I hope this helps!