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#1 dinosaurohs on 2 years ago

#2 nicopuri on 2 years ago


I'm not a professional by any means, but I'll give some of my personal experiences in crossplaying or cosplaying in general. Hope some of my past experiences will help in smoothing the bumps here and there on the way of achieving your goal :)

First of all, I see that you have a long shopping list with various sites, if I were you, I'll try to purchase these in the same website so it's easier to manage. The reason why I suggest this is for taobao. If you want to ship overseas, the way they charge shipping is on the 1st kilogram, they charge a set amount (say 90RMB -> $13~), and each additional kilograms they add a lower amount to it (I forgot if it was 30RMB -> $4.32~ for each additional kilogram or 50RMB). But generally it's cheaper to buy stuff from taobao even with the shipping fee compared to eBay. I think it'll save you about 50 bucks or so, but the process can be a little confusing and tedious if you're not familiar with it.

Here are some suggestions, I'll make some comments based on what you already have:

Costume: Okay they seem to have some good reviews (for the taobao ones). As for the eBay ones, the quality should be at least pretty decent too.

Shoes: They're fine, I actually have these. As for the fit, try to measure your feet and compare to the sizing chart, add at least 0.5cm if you want them to be somewhat comfortable (ebay).

Wig: I trust this brands' wig, haven't had any bad experience yet. [URL="https://world.tmall.com/item/536241068059.htm?spm=a312a.7700714.0.0.wcVbUf&skuId=3200483656371"]Link[/URL]

Contacts: Don't really matter, but I prefer something a little brighter so they'll show in photos such as [URL="https://www.candylens.com/dolly-plus-gold.html"]this one[/URL].

Shaving: This really depends on each individual. As for me, I would get minor red bumps on my thigh area after a day of shaving my legs. What I do is first I use a hair removal cream (something like veet), sometimes I would miss a spot and that's where the razor comes in. I try to go over once or twice to avoid the red bumps. I would spray bump prevention products like Tendskin. After that I'll put some body lotions.

However, the costume itself doesn't show any bare legs. They're actually opaque leggings, not thigh highs. So try on the costume first to see if it covers your body hair.

And I would suggest to purchase at least a pair of opaque black ankle socks. You'll need these for the cosplay, the leggings doe not cover your feet.

Waist trainer: This is somewhat of a double edged sword. And this, again, differs from person to person. If this waist trainer is a little thick, then it might show with the costume on. It really depends on the costume's sizing and the waist trainers' sizing. What I suggest to do is simply lose some weight if you think you have too much belly. Otherwise the costume isn't really skin tight.

What I'm trying to say is you may or may not need these. This is up to you.

Gloves: The link doesn't work. I'm not sure why you need gloves for this cosplay?


Makeup: This is indeed what make or breaks your cosplay.

-What I think about makeup is, you don't exactly have to try to make yourself look like a certain character, it's just whatever that looks good.

-So find a makeup tutorial that you think looks cute, and follow it. I used a combination of [URL="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y52euW9UnmI"]this video[/URL] and [URL="http://www.bilibili.com/video/av4755455/"]this video[/URL] as my look.

-The products are fine and interchangeable. An eyeliner is gonna do what an eyeliner's supposed to do, they won't differ too much. But I tend to lean towards Japanese and Korean drugstore makeup brands (etude house, peripera, canmake, etc).

-I'm not sure if mascara is needed. Again, this depends on which tutorial you're following. As for me, I didn't need it because I blend my real lashes with the fake one.

-You might need an eyelash curler if you are planning to use mascara.

And you might need to practice a few times before you get the hang of it.

Lastly, good luck on your project and I'll' see you at this years Anime Expo (and you might see another Felix :p).

#3 dinosaurohs on 2 years ago

I loved the detail you put into this, the ideas about the hair remover and the opaque socks were great outlets that i did not think of! Also, appreciate the tutorial on your process for the hair removal method, gave me insight on what I should expect to happen when I have all the supplies gathered on one day. Also, I did order a lot of the cosmetics from one website in order to make it easier to manage and track. I put gloves on there because if I'm being honest, my hands are quite large and have some hair on them. I mean the hair removal will take care of the hair, but the size of them I thought I could displace with some cute gloves :3
A buddy of mine is going to guide me through the make-up process when I have everything all together, but because I'm close to being fair skinned, I think I can pull it off without hurting the quality of the cosplay. Also, plan on thinning out my eyebrows as well since mine are a little bit on the thick side. When that's done I can dye them with the cosmetic I ordered as well. As for the waist trainer, I plan on losing 10 pounds along my waist in order to improve the quality of my cosplay, there's a gym at my school so it'll be easy to manage. Also, appreciate the sources, watched them in great length and appreciated the attention to detail.
Once again thanks for the feedback, and who knows maybe I'll see more tan one Felix there ;)

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