Derpycon 2017

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#1 2n31 on 3 years ago

Anyone going to DerpyCon? It's going to be my first time and wanted to see how it was last year.

I know it's a brand new con, but wanted to hear from others' experience and what to expect.

Also, looking for potential roomie. :)

#2 mizu_usagi1 on 2 years ago

I have attended Derpy for the last 2 years. It's a smaller con compared to cons like Otakon. I used to staff for them and then decided I wanted to cosplay more, so I gave that up.

I really like it and it is growing every year, so I suggest giving it a shot.

#3 Brasilia on 2 years ago

Been there all 3 years. It's a smaller con. It's in a nice building, but there's not much to do overall since they only have about 3 panel rooms, especially if you aren't all that interested in the panels that they have.

Also, make sure that you get there earlier in the day because you run the risk of not being able to find staff to get you a badge if you arrive later in the day. They always seem to be understaffed, and it gets frustrating if you try to find someone and the few people you find on staff are attached to their cell phones.

Honestly, it's an easy con to ghost because it's in a public area that's attached to an AMC cinema, and the staff is very lax about actually checking badges unless you're trying to get into something in their main event hall.

I'd say give it a shot if you're local, and hey, if you ghost then yay free con. :)

#4 Lloyd61788 on 1 year ago

Hello, I'm looking for roommates for derpycon coming up in November 2017. If you have space and wouldn't mind letting me share the room with others please let me know here so we can discuss details. Btw I am a 29 year old male, big fan of gaming and everyday life genre of anime, somewhat shy/cautious but slowly open up. Thank you in advance.