ColossalCon East (Pennsylvania, Poconos) Meetups?

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#1 shnou on 1 year ago

Hi guys! Wow, I haven't been on this site in forever. There's no board for either ColossalCon, so thought I'd post this thread here. I'm curious to know who's going to ColossalCon East in September since it's the con's first year!

Tell me who you'll be cosplaying as! I'm bringing swimsuit Makoto Niijima (Persona 5), default Trainer outfit (Pokemon Sun/Moon), beach Lup (The Adventure Zone), a swimsuit version of Bombshell Black Canary (DC Bombshells), and possibly Isabela (Dragon Age 2).

I'd hoping to set up a group or meetup for TAZ and/or for DC Bombshells (specifically swimsuit/beach versions for both). Let me know if you'd be interested!