mikotoba susato wig help

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#1 WingsofAngels48 on 2 years ago

I'm cosplaying Mikotoba Susato from dai gyakuten saiban and I need some advice on the wig since I'm pretty new to wigs

Here's a link to a breakdown of how her hair works: [url]https://thenon-fictiondays.tumblr.com/post/159660676227/conmimi-gyakutensaibanvsaceattorney[/url]

The wigs that I'm considering are [url]https://www.coscraft.co.uk/emmy/1237-emmy-in-matt-dark-brown.html[/url] or [url]https://m.dresslily.com/long-straight-ponytails-lace-front-synthetic-wig-product2036925.html?lkid=1614305&gclid=Cj0KCQjw24nNBRChARIsALldLD0TsQcpF0uskB3pBi-lJwqK1pL7kbJUF2MaBYd5qt6UwVqk7TwQ4cIaAtB8EALw_wcB[/url]

unless anybody has any other suggestions?

The reason I was looking at the ponytail wig is because someone said that with non-ponytail wigs all the wefts go in the same direction and that makes the updo look bad. What do you think about this? if I did go with the ponytail wig, how would that work? The ponytail probably clips off leaving a short wig behind, so how would I style that for this costume?

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