A-kon 29 2018

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#1 JPPTsubomi on 1 year ago

Hey guys! Not too much longer before summer hits and A-kon opens up for us. Anyone attending in cosplay? If so, who will you be going as?

#2 Asmaria on 1 year ago

I'm going! This is my list, I don't have set days yet because it depends on the photoshoots timing.

Persona 5 - Ryuji and also Skull
BNHA - Denki Kaminari and if it arrives on time, Iida in his hero costume
.hack//INFECTION - Elk
Persona 4 - Dojima
Attack on Titan - Erwin Smith

#3 JPPTsubomi on 1 year ago

It's the week of A-kon but I'm still running around, not ready. Was really unprepared for this one but it's coming so I will see how everything falls into place. Cosplay for this convention is still....in limbo.

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