Really struggling with cloak/hood piece

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#1 hophbrinkle on 2 years ago

#2 Penlowe on 2 years ago

You are suffering from Impossible Cartoon Physics, it's a common problem. In the real world, gravity always wins.

Horsehair braid inside the face edge of the hat/ hood and clips or combs in the center top of your head to keep it sliding off.

Depending on how you achieved the point, possibly revamping with lighter materials to have to fight gravity a bit less.

#3 nathancarter on 2 years ago

How about this: An inner hood lining that's only slightly bigger than your head, and an outer hood that has the size and structure you want from the character reference. The small inner lining will keep the hood from flopping forward because your head is in the way.

Put some heavy-duty interfacing on the inside of the outer hood, and when you attach the lining to the outer hood at the outer edge (where you see the large stitches in the reference material), stitch some hat wire into that seam. Then do the decorative whip stitch with yarn or whatever. Use the hat wire to shape the front edge of the hood.

The references don't have a top seam along the hood, but you may need to add one, and put a second piece of hat wire in there so you can make the long crooked pointy shape. Or, you might be able to accomplish this with the right pattern, some heavy-duty interfacing, and maybe a little internal batting with hat wire or chicken wire to give it that shape.

If this explanation doesn't make sense I'll see if I can draw a sketch.

#4 hophbrinkle on 2 years ago

I think I sort of have a grasp of what you’re saying, but I think a sketch would help.

#5 MNNprops on 2 years ago

Sorry using speak text but you get what I'm saying lol. For some reason my other post was deleted. Make a foam form of the hat. Soak the fabric in fabric stiffener like stiffy. Drape the fabric over the foam form let it dry, I'd apply a second coat. Add stiches after its dry. Good luck!