Cosplay Suggestions for a Dark Purple, Wavy Lace Front Wig?

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#1 granolaglitter on 2 years ago

Hi all!!

I recently got a free factory sample wig from Arda's Cyber Monday sale! It looks like this:


The problem is, I don't have anyone to wear it with! I don't want it to go to waste, but I don't want to sell it either. So, any suggestions for a character I can cosplay with it?? For reference I'm a 4'11" curvy girl and I'm not v comfortable cosplaying male characters. I'm okay with cosplaying a fem version of a male character however!

Also, I'm wasn't able to find this style of wig on Arda's website, sorry! ;v; I think it might have been a style they were thinking of stocking, and then just ended up not. Please let me know if you'd like any more pictures of the wig.

(If you'd like reference pics on what I look like my instagram is @starsinvitro)

Thank you!!!!!! :heart:

#2 muckypup on 2 years ago

That wig is gorgeous! I had a look and it's so hard to find a character with that colour hair (or any purply colour thats not super bright or pastel) that's not straight or with softer waves.

These are three I'm not actually familiar with, but the closest I could find.
Hyatt (Excel Saga)

Pandora (Dragon Knights 4)

Fozerotte (Bunny Black)

#3 Skyefrost on 2 years ago

Luna from sailor moon human form was the first thing that came to mind.

#4 Angelx624 on 2 years ago

Rarity from My Little Pony! <3