Good paint primer?

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#1 Little.pixel on 1 year ago

Hi, what's a good paint primer/sealer that can be used on a costume that has Eva foam, worbla, and apoxie sculpt on it?
I usually would use plasti dip but I heard that doesn't work at all w/apoxie. I know of gesso but I'm not sure if that works for all those mediums at once.


#2 Penlowe on 1 year ago

You may need to prime each material with different primers.

The purpose of primer is to prepare the surface for paint. When the surfaces differ but the paint needs to be the same, primer is that much more important. Thus, stick with what you know works on each surface. Various primers come in small quantities, you can get little 3 ounce bottles of gesso, you aren't obliged to buying it in gallons.