One Punch Man's SPEED-O'-SOUND SONIC help?

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#1 maskedrose on 1 year ago


I am planning to use a catsuit pattern for this, however, I'm wondering how to go about the armor/metal details that make this costume. Would I want a moldable foam or something else? Best ways to attach? I was thinking pieces I can sew on...



#2 walkerofdarknes on 1 year ago

Well, a friend of mine used Sintra (closed cell PVC foam) to make a Dr. Doom armor that came off pretty real looking to everyone, so I would recommend that. I'm not sure if you can sew through it though.

#3 DanArt on 1 year ago

Well if I was going extreme I would do some cutting of pots and pans or metallic but flexable kitchenware. Just to be extreme,

However I would consider finding a softer material and then just using chrome paint. That reflective material you dip something in to make it looks shiney or metalic. Speaking of which on the news a couple of teens found such metal paint and gave themsleves some sort of cancer or poising affect. I forget but that is the kind of paint I would use.