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#1 jrosson on 2 years ago

I will be back to MegaCon this year, along with blogger Amanda, aka, from North Hollywood.

Some of my work is available for view at [url][/url].

I will be there Friday thru Sunday. I love cosplay photography and am offering my services for no charge on a time-available basis. I will give you copies of all the high res jpg images I take if you supply an SD card (recommend 4-8 GB), along with rights to use the images for non-commercial purposes. If you don't have a card, I can email you some of the better shots. I shoot with a Nikon D750 camera and a really nice lens, which produces some large, but beautiful, files.

If interested, let me know what kinds of photos your want, where you want to shoot, and attach some images you have already taken so I can get an idea of what you are looking for and see if I, or Amanda, have any ideas. Depending upon demand I may not be able to accommodate everyone, but I will try!

Take care guys!