Masters of Cosplay @ Unplugged Expo 5, Oct 15-16 2016

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#1 animevortex on 3 years ago

At this year's Unplugged Expo there is an Exciting new event being premiered! Its called "The Masters of Cosplay"

A competition of Cosplayers selected from the community to represent their skill and showcase their talents! Bookmark this thread as we will be releasing information on the nominees in the coming months!


We have nominated 4 cosplayers to compete this year. Each of them have until the end of September to complete their new cosplay. Follow their creative journeys at as they vlog about their cosplay builds.

Are you a Master of Cosplay? Send us a link to your best cosplay to be consider in our "Wild Card Search" you could be this years Master of Cosplay!

1st Place receives $1000 and returns as the MOC for next year. 2nd Place receives $500 and 3rd Place receives $250.

Are you a Master of Cosplay? email us at [email][email protected][/email] and we'll consider you for this year!


The Final Reveal will be at Unplugged Expo in October 15th and 16th in downtown Toronto Canada!