Tattoo/Arm Sock Help?

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#1 Cl0udy on 6 years ago

I'm doing a cosplay that requires having tattoo's all down one arm, and I was wondering if it'd be worth making an arm sock instead? For the con I'm attending, I probably not have that much time to get ready, because I'm going on a school trip (I know it's so weird a school trip not only to America but to comic con agghh) so there is a strict timetable for transport and such. I have no one to help me apply it as well, any suggestions?

#2 division-ten on 6 years ago

What about a stencil and body pint? What do the tattos look like?

#3 Scunosi on 6 years ago

Sounds like the best idea honestly. Unless the tattoos are really generic and you could find them as temporaries to put on yourself, a ready-made arm sock would be the fastest way to get it on and go in the morning. And I would imagine it would be fairly easy to find one that's already the right skin color to match your own since I'm assuming it would just be some shade of nude.

To actually make it I guess you'd have to paint it on while wearing it though, so they have the right shape when worn. Hopefully you'll have access to a friend's help before going, and they could help you get it done pretty quickly I'd imagine if it has to wrap around your whole arm.

#4 Tiara on 6 years ago

I feel like you could also do some type of sticker or fabric(or other material) + double sided type on your arm . There are also sites that let you upload pictures for custom temporary tattoos

#5 Jigouku Chou on 6 years ago

They make printer paper you can use to print your own temporary tattoos. I haven't used it yet but it is out there and I'm pretty sure you can purchase it on amazon.

#6 CapsuleCorp on 6 years ago

Depending on the complexity of the tattoo, that's actually a great idea!

I do it for full-body tattoos, especially chest ones, and I'll be doing a full tattoo shirt for Gan Ning because who's got time to paint enormous 5-color dragons over my entire chest, back, and down both arms? Nobody, that's who.

I recommend using power net/power mesh, if you can find it in your skin tone. It takes a careful stitch to sew it to fit your body's shape/proportions, particularly on arms, but it stretches and it gives a much more realistic illusion. The real trouble is painting it - you can't lay it flat because it needs to be stretched while applying, otherwise the tattoo could be out of proportion on your arm when you wear it later, plus if you slide it around on whatever surface you're using, you could end up with paint where you don't want it. Learned that the hard way. Ideally, you'd want to stuff the sleeve with scrap fabric/paper until it reaches your body's proportions, and then make sure the power mesh doesn't move while painting. Alternately, you can have a friend paint it on you while you wear it, but if you have no one to help, then that's out.

#7 Cl0udy on 6 years ago

The character that has the tattoo is Maya from Borderlands 2, and I feel as if it would be much more beneficial to use an arm sock than temp. tats from everyone's advice, thankyou!! (Also instead of stuffing the sock I found a tutorial that says to use a Pringles can, so hopefully that'll work out fine!)

#8 CapsuleCorp on 6 years ago

A pringles can, I like it. Unfortunately, I think my biceps are much larger than a pringles can. XD

That's a good tip for getting a full cylinder shape, especially for tattoos or markings that go all the way around an arm.

#9 cendres on 6 years ago

I'd say an arm sock is the way to go!

You'll have time to prepare it pre-con and won't have to worry about the crunch while you're there. Cons are stressful! You should give yourself as much flexibility as possible.

Either way, I hope you have a great trip!

#10 WCMorpheus on 6 years ago

Depending on what style you want, you can buy fake tattoo arm sleeves on eBay and Amazon.


On an older episode of the Big Bang Theory, Howard, one of the characters bought some fake tattoo sleeves so he could score with goth girls. It didn't work, of course...