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#1 Bamisaur on 5 years ago

I really want C&C on these images, I'm trying to get better and I feel like more often than not the other people doing edits like mine... Aren't that good or as versed as me.

Anything would be helpful!


Keep in mind, that most of the backgrounds aren't just one picture. Since these have to be ready for retail I can't use any copyrighted images, so I can't just pull images off google as much as I'd love to.

Thanks guys!

#2 StarsOfCassiopeia on 5 years ago

These are all really cool!

I love the background choice and lighting on the Sailor Moon one; very dramatic. Maybe extend that light to also contain Sailor Uranus' leg too, so it's more like a cone spotlight? Her leg feels sort of 'cut off' with the sudden change in light.

The second one has a good thing going for it with the mist, but I think it's a little heavy on the model's lower half. Definitely agree that you need some there so that the focus is on her face/wings, but you lose a lot of detail and color with that smoke down there.

As for the organs one, the model and props look great, but I'm not sold by the blood. It's a little cartoony? (Which might be the effect you want, I'm not sure!) If you're going for more realistic, maybe some stains on the leggings/boots would be a nice touch, and darkening the blood's color overall would help sell it.

Like the 4th one a lot-- colors blend together well, and there's a nice air of drama about it.

#3 fam-cosplayphotographer on 5 years ago

Beautiful work, critiques are mostly minor just because youre asking.

1st one I agree, on her sudden leg light cut off, I would go in with the exposure brush and make it less noticable (or if it was done in post I would make it less harsh)

2nd one beautiful colors, Id photoshop out the power line or swingset or whatever it is on the left thats taking my eyes away, theres some strange soft and hard outlines around her head where im guessing you composited her in or did some editing and didnt keep it uniform. As for a photo not having all of the wings in the shot (and cutting more of the right side of the wings off vs the left throws the balance off a bit). Being in the direction she is looking or having her look at you can also make it stronger.

3rd one, underexposed a bit too much on her, perspective of her size vs background is a little off, and stars is right, it is cartoonier than the photo of her, still its creative and client and you can both love it and thats all that matters

4th one

her lights on her back and shows shadows going forward at her legs..thats good...but that means you need a light source over there (put the moon on the right side, add something to make it work) The bricks and top of bricks are too bright (and cartoony) sojust keep working with it to make it less noticable. Youre ambitious and doing good things and as soon as it gets less obvious through practice youll be skyrocketing your stardom.

Good work, keep it up.