Noragami cosplay!

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#1 Hoshi26 on 5 years ago

Now that the anime season has finished and the manga series is coming out in the US, this show needs some more cosplay love! I plan to cosplay Yato this year, but I'm still deciding when to do him for. I'd also love to do his cape and crown. Any ideas as to how to plan out the cape?

#2 Swiftstart on 5 years ago

*pardon any typos confusion its past 1 am and i should be asleep but oh well

I actually have plans to do Hiyori's normal school outfit in the future- complete with a glowing tail :3

As for Yato's cape- I'd say it's a half-circle cape with a wide collar. Half circle capes are easy-
Basically its exactly what it sounds like- a half circle with a neck hole. You make the radius (half of the half circle) how long you want the cape to be. The gold tassel parts on his cape you can literally find in joanns in the curtain/apolestry section and buy by the yard usually :D the gold trim can be done with piping or bias tape, pick your poison. not sure about the purple things though cause im not positive what they are to begin with.

but yea so half circle cape:
this is from my jack frost cosplay, pardon the terribl photo quality- its a phone shot and is the only good one i have of how the cape falls x.X

hope this helps, im off to bed before i decide giving advice on caffeine fumes was a bad idea.

#3 sorakitsune on 5 years ago

noragami!! <3

i cosplay yato ^^

#4 TMLiza on 5 years ago

Fem. Yukine cosplayer here! ^_^