New Yorkers tell me!

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#1 Sapphirecatgirl on 4 years ago

Hey people I am attending New York Comic Con this year and I managed to organize by staying with a friend who lives in wayy Uptown Manhattan. (Inwood/207th St) I will be staying until the con floor closes and be heading uptown afterwards. Friday and Saturday I will be wearing an Elsa dress with a cape and Saturday I will be going in a gijinka Princess Luna cosplay dress with a pannier hoop skirt. ([url][/url])

Are there any other New Yorkers going back Uptown in the same direction or even up to the Bronx? I don't want to have to change out of costume because of the hassle of carrying everything on a subway or a bus. I want to be safe and secure, I just need additional advice since I am not a fully integrated New Yorker yet. Please respond!

#2 jackoshadow on 4 years ago

If you're traveling solo uptown, you may want to look into Uber. I know, some people aren't a fan of the service, but it's pretty quick, safe, and not horribly expensive...

#3 djlemma on 4 years ago

I'll second the "take a cab" thought. I don't have a ton of experience with uber and lyft but lots of friends swear by them.

Although one thing to note, it's going to be a ton easier to take the train this year thanks to the new 7 extension. If it's possible to pack your costume into luggage suitable for the train, it might be cheaper to do that and just check your bags at Javits. The bag check folks have always treated me extremely well past couple years.