Some questions about the Artist's Alley!

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#1 xcvi on 4 years ago

It doesn't seem like this particular board is frequented but I figured that this was the appropriate place to ask. I wanted to ask this on because it is a large concentration of convention goers who may have some knowledge or at least an opinion on the matter!

I'm an art student and I do a lot of my own art in addition to fan art. I've been interested in getting a booth in the Artist's Alley at a convention for a while now but I never actually put the effort into making it happen. Now I'm really determined to actually do it and make it a reoccurring thing. So, here are my questions!

How far in advance do you have to book a booth in the Artist's Alley at most conventions?

How much do the booths tend to cost? Large, medium, and small?

What is the difference in the price of booths at larger conventions as opposed to smaller ones?

As artists, what tends to sell the most?

As customers, what do you tend to buy the most?

I know that fan art is what sells.. but do you ever purchase original art? How about original art in an anime style?