Sailor Pluto

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#1 awkwardturtle on 4 years ago

So-- My mom says that I am spending too much money on my cosplays and complains that I need to be able to hand make them etc. I was wondering If i would be able to accomplish making a sailor pluto cosplay for my first one (won't need it until sakuracon or newcon..) and her key staff (can't think of name). Uhhh, thanks! aha:)

#2 kandell on 4 years ago

I think you could do it. The important thing is to look up tutorials, take your time, and practice new techniques if possible. Being patient and doing your research will minimize the amount of re-work you may need to do.

There are plenty of tutorials on Sailor Senshi fukus, and tons of tutorials on how to make large props with PVC, expanding foam, worbla, etc.

Do you have specific questions on the parts of the costume? Also, do you have access to a sewing machine?