Fan Expo 2014 Toronto Photo Shoot Bookings

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#1 kaori1 on 5 years ago

Hi Everyone,

There is usually a forum post where photographers who are looking to set up shoots, paid or unpaid, can post their contact info.

I couldn't find one, so maybe we can start one here.

If you are a photographer looking to set up a shoot in Toronto for Fan Expo 2014, please post your information here, including:
[INDENT]-Times that you are available[/INDENT]
[INDENT]-Your Contact information[/INDENT]
[INDENT]-Your price range (or state free)[/INDENT]
[INDENT]-A link to your facebook page or website[/INDENT]

If you are a cosplayer, feel free to monitor this page regularly and contact those who post.

In the meantime, I will be cosplaying Shanoa from Castlevania, Terra from FF6 and Deedlit from Record of Lodoss War. If anyone is interested in a private shoot for fun feel free to contact me. My FB page is: [url][/url]

#2 jennifafa on 5 years ago

Thanks for setting this up. :)

Times available: Sat/Sun 11am and onwards
Contact: jen.li128[at]
Price: $40 for a 2 hour session. 10 photos of your choice retouched/edited.
Link: [url][/url]
Note: I won't have a ticket so... photoshoots are limited to outside the convention.

#3 yuuki_cross13 on 5 years ago

Time available: Saturday 11 - 5
Email: [email][email protected][/email]
Website: [url][/url]
Price: 40$ for half an hour. Unlimited photos. All shoots will be burned to a cd and mailed out the Monday after. (Groups are 45$ )
All photoshoots will be outside.

#4 youta on 5 years ago

Time available: flexible on Sat/Sun, depending on availability.
Contact: [email][email protected][/email] (please use the word "cosplay" in the subject line, or PM here).
Price: Free trade, I will provide selected high-quality JPG images in return for usage in my portfolio.
Link: [url][/url]
Portfolio: [url][/url]

All shoots will be outdoors.


#5 SolarTempest on 5 years ago

I will be covering many events over the entire weekend, as well as a limited number of photoshoots. =)

I have been doing cosplay photography for over 9 years now, specializing in location lighting. Awesome photos guaranteed!

Times available: Thursday to Sunday
Contact: [email][email protected][/email] or Facebook Page
Price: $50 for a 1 hour session
Link: [URL=""][/URL] / [URL=""]Facebook Page[/URL]

#6 WARPAINTandUnicorns on 5 years ago

Is anyone taking photo's during the masquerade this year?