Need a room for MetroCon 2015

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#1 SinOfRoast on 4 years ago

I am in need of a room for metrocon 2015. I am going only with my cousin. We live in tampa and the drive for us is only 1 hour, but its more simple to just have a hotel room there. We are very responsible with our stuff and very fun people, we also have the money to pay anytime you say. We want to enjoy our time at this convention as well as the hotel room and make friends. We dont have much luggage at all maybe just one cosplay each but thats it. We are 100% going so no worries there. If you would help us out it would be very appreciated. when you need to contact me you can do so by messaging me on kik (KanekiThaGawd) on skype (too_niceeee) by email ([email protected]) or on this website please help us out and we will not let you down thanks.