Tokyou Ghoul Cosplay

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#1 kjasdqwe123 on 4 years ago

My friend and I are deciding to cosplay as Kaneki and Ayato from Tokyou Ghoul(anime variant) at a convention later this year. It's our first time cosplaying and we would rather make the constumes instead of buying them. We have some general ideas about in what direction we want to go, but would like some advice on executing this project.

Most of our problems stem from Ayato's outfit, which can be seen in these images.

[url=]Front View[/url]
[url=]Full Front View[/url]
[url=]Back View[/url]

First of all, we're having trouble with deciding on what material/base clothing to use for his outer most layer. We thought through a few possibilities, such as creating it from a base nylon-esque material (we have virtually no experience in fabric working between the two of us, but we can learn as the convention is still a few months away.) My friend suggested to get a jacket, cut off the sleeves, then sort of sew down and add the zipper where it is on the cloak. That would still leave us in the dark about adding the pouches and darker patches of cross stitched pattern.

The rest of his outfit isn't too much of a problem as they seem to be very basic articles of clothing (a wool sweater, black pants, boots, & a fur hood.)

The other character is Kaneki, who (thankfully) has a character sheet available [url=]here.[/url]

The biggest issue here is finding a base shirt like his with the high collar. Any advice on where to look for something of that style (if it even exists) would be great. We were thinking of doing the straps across the front and back of his torso with either leather or faux leather to give it a sort of shine. I know someone that can do leatherworking so that isn't too much of a big deal. Other than finding a shirt, his outfit doesn't seem too difficult for us.

Any advice us novice cosplayers would be greatly appreciated.

#2 TMLiza on 4 years ago

For Ayato, the closest thing to a real article of clothing I can see it being is a poncho. As for fabric, I think something with some weight to it would be the best(from what I remember from the episode, it flaps around a bit while he flies). I would look at suiting fabric or something else that's a bit heavier than the average cotton. After making the base, just go ahead and put al of the little details on.

For Kaneki's top, I would just get a base shirt and make a turtleneck collar for it and attach it on.

#3 kjasdqwe123 on 4 years ago

Thank you very for the advice. My friend and I well definitely consider a poncho made up of suitable material. We are also thinking the same thing for Kaneki's shirt but we're still having a difficult time actually finding a piece of clothing with those characteristics. We would still welcome and appreciate any more ideas from anyone.