Finishing tool for nylon straps

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#1 ScribblesITM on 4 years ago

I just did a cosplay that invovled a LOT of nylon straps like the type you use on a backpack. So I had to figure out how to finish all those edges, and open flame was ... messy (maybe I am just sucky at it) but I remembered I had one of these -- [url][/url] -- from a different project and it worked like a dream for all those straps. So if you have something like that lying around, I've been using it as my melter for synthetic fabrics for the past 2 weeks and it's been wonderful. MUCH more control than anything else I've used and it cools down super fast (and doesn't get as hot to begin with -- you can tell it doesn't get as hot as other things from the bad reviews on amazon. So evidently, it's a crappy foam cutter, but an awesome fabric melter :)

#2 lemuries on 4 years ago

Thank you for sharing this tip with everyone! You rock :)